I don’t know how to help

  • “Joan” and her 14 year old son are living in a car
  • “Brenda” is pregnant and has a husband and a teen aged son and a dog
  • “Suzie” is 7 months pregnant and wants to find work to be able to pay a friend  a little something for letting her and her 4 year old stay in the living room through the winter
  • “Diane” is in a Domestic Violence relationship for the third time since I have met her – this is the third guy. She won’t consider therapy and is homeless again with a 7 year old daughter.

Can I go home now?

“I am not a quitter,  I am not a quitter, I am not a quitter” – I need Tylenol.

We all need places and shelters where entire families are welcomed .

We need shelters that are not afraid of teenage boys

We need Health Education in the Schools about “Healthy Relationships”

and as always – we need more jobs and more affordable housing.

  • “Brenda” needs to loan the dog to a friend and choose her son over the animal.
  • “Diane” and “Suzie” should meet and share an apartment. (but I am not allowed to introduce them to each other)
  • or “Joan” and “Brenda” ‘s families could share an apartment.

###################### Pardon Me #########

Can we have a special bulletin board for low-income families to find each other and combine forces to find housing?

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  1. i think a bullitin board is a great idea. what about an option on craigslist for the homeless families seeking each other out???

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