Love is a Great Gift But Diapers are Easier to Wrap Up.

You Are 2000 Years Too Late to buy Jesus a birthday present. However, there are other babies this Christmas who could use  gift or two.  Swaddling Clothes are out of fashion – but all babies need diapers.

Try something new this Holiday Season and buy a baby a present – just like it was the very first Christmas.


My mom would say that Step 1 involves COUPONS!  Know your Diaper Budget and see how much you can buy. The more money you save, the better you will feel about giving and maybe you can give even more! So look in the local paper and online for coupons.

STEP 2. SHOP! You don’t need to get the fancy schmancy diapers – any diapers will do. Buy as much as you want.

Step 3. DONATE

Find a homeless shelter, church, synagogue, or other agency to donate your diapers to. If you need help – ask me! My favorite Diaper drive NonProfit is Help a Mother Out

Step 4: Thank you!


Babies really are the smallest and least of us. They can not do anything for themselves and are completely dependent on the kindness of parents, family, friends and strangers. Giving to a baby is the best way to celebrate the holiday spirit!







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