The “L” Words You Should Share

Love and Lunch.  I am awed and still in the fuzzy foggy glow you get when you have a  new crush or have just been given really great news.

Saturday was a miserably cold and wet day. The sky was sporadically dark and spit out water on lines of people standing close to a green building on the corner of 6th and San Pedro. Parkas, gloves and scarves – items rarely seen in Los Angeles – were on anyone who could afford to own them and even the LAPD officers help coffee mugs so tight and close to their faces that they looked like they wanted to dive into the steamy java and escape the terrible weather. 

I had spent most of the night in Labor and Delivery Triage at Kaiser and lied to my doctor that I would go home to bed rest and take it easy. But I couldn’t. It was Saturday and the Union Rescue Mission was serving the first part of its Thanksgiving Meal to thousands of people who did not have a home to go to or a bed to rest in.  As I lay there, in bed, staring at the ceiling – I kept thinking about the people who don’t have ceilings until I bundled up an went to my car.  

By noon I had crashed the URM Thanksgiving Fast. I talked myself in through the back door and went on the hunt for Alex – a volunteer co-ordinator. 

There were all these kids  – preteens, tweens and teens – walking around in t-shirts and getting water bottles and sodas for the tables. Bright eyed, smiling, warm and always asking “What can I do?” I figured they were children of staffers therefore well seasoned

The most helpful boy of all time - actual superhero action on Saturday!

volunteers.  Surprise! Not so much, they were children of other volunteers. The cast of The Bold and The Beautiful were serving in the same room and the enthusiastic kids belonged to them.  Well, now I know why everyone looked familiar

It was just a lunch. One of the three square meals everyone should have a day – but it was possibly the only meal some of  these people would eat that day.

It was not just lunch. It was love.

Linda and Me on Saturday … don’t tell anyone I can work or push a mop.

The turkey and stuffing and pie were on the plates, but love was served in smiles and hugs and fell on people in between the raindrops.

——————– AHEM——————-

You may have missed out on Saturday – but you can get some “L WORDS” action of your own on Thursday.  The Union Rescue Mission is serving a second feast on Thanksgiving (because face it – it isn’t like people are only hungry 2 days a year!)

You can volunteer or help to feel people by sponsoring individual meals or entire tables at the URM. I know this because my cyber-buddy Myles Rose tells me all the time!

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