When You Go to a Job Fair

Simple Steps To Success

  1. Dress like a grown up
  2. Bring several copies of your resume
  3. Bring  a pen and paper (Preferably in a notebook) to write contact information etc.
  4. Leave your children and pets at home
  5. Smile – starting the moment you enter the door
  6. Shake hands and introduce yourself to the people offering jobs
  7. Ask questions such as  “How do I apply”, “Who are you looking to hire”, “How many open positions do you have right now”
  8. Thank presenters
  9. Two days later, make follow-up calls and e-mails to the presenters that you are interested. Ideally they will have called you by now, but in case they did not you need to show them you are serious about applying to work for them.

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