Be a Celebrity- Reason 1 to Volunteer

Have you ever met a celebrity – or seen one on TMZ?  Everyone wants to be near them, get a picture with them – perhaps an autograph? Why? Because a large portion of the general population has decided to CELEBRATE someone – they have won a popularity contest somewhere and if we can just get close enough to them: maybe some of that COOL will wear off on us too!

 I can’t get you on TMZ – but if you are really cool:  I can and WILL put you on the internet. But only if you do something that I Celebrate and think is really cool.


You are the best thing you can give. (No, I am not advocating giving a kidney or bone marrow ,although there are people who would really appreciate that –  and frankly I would post your picture for something like that). 

How can you volunteer? When should you do it? How do you prove it to me?   Simple.

 Make a list of all your good qualities, talents, skills, etc.

  1. You can read (or else you are just staring at this web page for nothing my friend)
  2.  You care about  ________________ People, animals, the environment, fashion
  3. Can you cook?
  4. Are you good at crafts?
  5. Do people like you?
  6. How are your office and typing and telephone skills?
  7. Do you have a nice smile?

 Once you know what you have to offer – find somewhere to share it. Seriously – if you need help finding somewhere – just ask me : I will give you the hook up.

Schedule a date to volunteer 

Do it !!!! and ask someone to take a picture of you. 

Then email it to me with your story of what you did – did you like it – will you do it again. My email is


PS, real celebs volunteer all the time. They loan themselves and their names to causes. Look what activism did for BONO and ANGELINA ?

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