My day at the @UWGLA HomeWalk

I woke up at 5 am, today is one of my favorite days each year. I get to see former co-workers, employers, and most importantly have face time with service providers that address Homelessness because, like me, they believe it can be a temporary problem. I did not want to over sleep or miss it.

Jax and I put on our Mxxxxxx t-shirts and picked up Daze at the office before driving from the 5 freeway to the 110, off on Martin Luther King to Figureroa.

Parking was a breeze with the new parking pass system (you are mailed a link to a pass to print out and turn into the attendant).

I set my box of signs down and waited for my crew

I found Carlos Gonzales

Carlos Gonzalez of PATH

at the PATH booth (he used to work at Mxxxxx and he lets me know about the services PATH has).

Here are the other snaps  took:

I then walked 5 Kilometers and talked the entire time – shocking NOT and had the chance to tell a few strangers bits of information like – you can use your EBT card for free entrance to museums in LA County.

And I finally met Margarita Eomack of the United Way :

Daze, @mwomack, and me !

Yes, I am soo pigment impaired  that I glow, and pardon the roundness – I am 7 months pregnant…

Then Jax, Daze and I grabbed lunch. Once I sat down my feet started to hurt. I went home and completed my adventure with a foot rub. As I fell asleep, I was so happy to have a home with a chair and the privacy and security to fall asleep.


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