$1 a Day to Being Scrooge #fb

Remember in “A Christmas Carol” when Scrooge sent the Holiday Goose over for Christmas Dinner?

You too can be Scrooge!

We are about 49 days away from Christmas Dinner. If you can find just under $1 a day – you can buy this:


It is Heat and Serve and comes in an easy to carry box. And- it is available everyday until New Years so you can really surprise someone before or after the holiday.

(What?!? – we all know I can’t cook – I have done this one for myself and Jax before… it is actually what she requested for this year as well!)

Who could you surprise with a Holiday dinner – hmmmm, tough one. NOT

  • The Senior Citizens who  live in your apartment building or on your block. Cooking requires a lot more standing and stamina than one of them can handle.
  • The young family in your neighborhood – seriously – being pregnant and poor  and working with other pregnant and poor mothers – I can testify to this one!
  • Anyone you know who has lost a loved one this year – trust me Holiday Meals SUCK when there is an empty space at the table.
  • Not Homeless and Not Needy – but we like them and appreciate them giving their holiday for us – The Local Police Department, Fire Dept,  ER staff, gas station attendant, and nursing staff on the floor of the ICU or Skilled Nursing  Home.
  • Any of the families living in their RV’s parked under freeways, at the beaches, or in the grocery store and WalMart Parking lots
  • Ask your synagogue. temple or church if there is anyone you can surprise with a needed meal.
  • Take it home, heat it up, and deliver it to your local homeless residents (Like the one who ends up with the coffee from my morning walk half of the time) 
  •  Surprise the annoying loud person going through your recycling at 6 am with a Holiday Meal so they can take a day off and let you sleep in. (okay, so this is my personal plan…)

The point is to be kind and loving to someone who needs the kindness. It is The Holidays – a time to be kinder and more gentle. You can do it! I believe in you.

And – you can send me pictures if you want!

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