@4square Says I am Near WHERE?

Who is the Mayor of Dumpster Behind the Library? What tips and nearby tweets are coming from Tent Under Freeway?

Who is the Mayor of Mattress and Cart on 7th and Stanford?

Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD) would like you to know. And if you log on to Foursauare.com near Duke University in North Carolina – you are likely to find out.

Why? If a Foursquare user “checks in” to one of the new Homeless Locations it will be seen by their friends. In that way it is a chain reaction. One person’s exposure is spread out to their social network. Because we don’t see the homeless when they are right in front of us – we ignore their tents, boxes and sleeping bodies in person; but FourSquare is an easy non-threatening way to let us see the reality that people without fixed homes really do reside next to the library, the grocery store, our school, and everywhere in between.

Perhaps if Homelessness is a location: more than a buzz word for politicians, a guilt inspiring  word used to coerce donations, or a dirty little secret we all agree not to tell each other about – we can face it and beat it. Even if it is one “Check In” at a time.




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