@ParisHilton is a Role Model? Well, Yes! #fb

@urm Every day I sit with women who have made one or two bad choices, or hit a rough patch and have decided to give up.

God bless Paris Hilton. She is the best object lesson and role model I can discuss with clients. They don’t all read Nietzsche, know who Mother Teresa was, or know their Super Ego from a Super Nova. But everyone knows Paris Hilton. The wonderful part is that she s recognized for reasons both good and bad.

Role Model? For What?

I get knocked down. But I get up again. You’re never going to keep me down.

Sex tapes, drug possession, questionable public behavior (including dancing on tables and flashing), and the woman is still in the public eye and as confidant as ever. She has had television shows, clothing lines for human and dogs, and a perfume. If she had hidden in shame or declared her life over – she would have forfeited millions of dollars and jobs for the people who manufactured, packaged, and sold her products.

But more than  pursuing her own happiness  ; she is disregarding her public and personal history of scandal and making the world a better, kinder place for the poorest of local citizens by volunteer at the Union Rescue Mission.

Her initial notoriety was tied to her family and their fortune – but her real successes are all the result of her personality, tenacity and character. What more could a social worker for homeless women want in a role model?

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2 thoughts on “@ParisHilton is a Role Model? Well, Yes! #fb

  1. I am glad you approve.

    For the email and FB comments I am getting: What is the point of forgiveness and redemption if we don’t forgive ourselves and start new every day?

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