LAPD Job Openings

Class Title Salary Range Last Date to File Exam Type
POLICE OFFICER See Bulletin See Bulletin Open
POLICE SPECIALIST See Bulletin See Bulletin Open
AIRPORT POLICE OFFICER See Bulletin Continuous Open
ADVANCE PRACTICE PROVIDER CORRECTIONAL CARE $98,658 – $109,510/Annually Continuous Open
AIRPORT INFORMATION SPECIALIST $44,787 – $69,593/Annually November 11, 2010 Open/Promotional
BOAT CAPTAIN $69,593 – $76,566/Annually November 11, 2010 Open/Promotional
CORRECTIONAL NURSE $68,945 – $85,580/Annually Continuous Open
CRIMINALIST $64,602 – $110,329/Annually Continuous Open
ELECTRIC DISTRIBUTION MECHANIC $96,611 – $111,540/Annually Continuous Open/Promotional
ELEVATOR MECHANIC $80,993 – $80,993/Annually Continuous Open/Promotional
HELICOPTER MECHANIC $79,427 – $79,427/Annually Continuous Open
LOAD DISPATCHER $87,424 – $134,676/Annually Continuous Open
NURSE MANAGER $72,662 – $90,264/Annually November 18, 2010 Open/Promotional
SAFETY ENGINEER ELEVATORS $70,031 – $78,049/Annually Continuous Open
SAFETY ENGINEER PRESSURE VESSELS $80,639 – $89,868/Annually Continuous Open/Promotional
VETERINARY TECHNICIAN $43,242 – $53,724/Annually Continuous Open/Promotional
WORKERS COMPENSATION ANALYST $57,127 – $70,992/Annually Continuous Open/Promotional

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