LAPD Job Openings

Class Title Salary Range Last Date to File Exam Type POLICE OFFICER See Bulletin See Bulletin Open POLICE SPECIALIST See Bulletin See Bulletin Open AIRPORT POLICE OFFICER See Bulletin Continuous Open   ADVANCE PRACTICE PROVIDER CORRECTIONAL CARE $98,658 – $109,510/Annually Continuous Open AIRPORT INFORMATION SPECIALIST $44,787 – $69,593/Annually November 11, 2010 Open/Promotional BOAT CAPTAIN $69,593Continue reading “LAPD Job Openings”

New Housing on Skid Row

The Renato Apartments is part of a program referred to as “Housing that Works”  It is a 96 room building aimed at serving the most chronic of homeless citizens on Skid Row and others with dangerously low incomes.  SRO Housing will provide the on-site Case Management. Because there are Section 8 Units – I assume thisContinue reading “New Housing on Skid Row”

Woodbury Student Shuns school for Music

Although JOSHUA SMITH  had a full ride  to college he is focusing on his music career. He says he wants to do a tour and talk to homeless folks. I don’t know…. Do you think he sounds genuine?

Paul Brandt – Who is He and Why Should You Care ?

@paulbrandt   @builditforward Home builder, Country Singer, and Canadian. He is using his fame and popularity to create a documentary in Canada  about building houses for the  homeless. In return, the new home owners will help build homes for people in third world countries. (Personal note – he is a Tenor, and as music lover was raised on CountryContinue reading “Paul Brandt – Who is He and Why Should You Care ?”

America’s Next Top Model – Homeless?

Liz – eliminated this week from ANTM- was a pregnant teen in a homeless shelter.  Read her interview with “Entertainment Tonight” here:

Free Trade With China = Job Loss in the USA

Let’s ignore China’s lack of Human Rights and focus on American Jobs. California, Texas and North Carolina all lost jobs and workers suffered due to Free Trade with China because of the computer Company Jobs that are outsourced to China. “The United States is piling up foreign debt, losing export capacity, and the growing tradeContinue reading “Free Trade With China = Job Loss in the USA”

Cuts to Library Hours Hurt the Unemployed

It isn’t just Librarians that need the Public Libraries open. Between 2008-2009 over 30 million people used the Library Internet Connections and computers to do a Job Search. Losing hours affects people of color and the low income more than any other demographic. With so much of a modern Job Search requiring e-mail and internetContinue reading “Cuts to Library Hours Hurt the Unemployed”

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