Somedays, I Wish I Was a Drinker. #fb

Just read the e-mail and give me help.

 Im sorry i took so long but we actually met about a month ago.
I was the one girl who was gonna be taken off the GAIN program due
to my child passing away not to long. My name is xxxxxxx?!
 I hope you do remember. I was placed to tears and remember you being so nice and understanding. I do hope everything is going well with the pregnancy.  I wish you all the joy and happiness. 
  Anyways I was replying as you had said to email you on what is taking place. 
So far the services from the state have ended for me and unfortunately the place I was staying at is forcing me to move. The bad part is that my husband and I were focusing on school and havent got jobs. My previous job was available to me but is only maybe 3-5 hours a week
and deals with kids. They told me to take my time until i have healed from the loss of my own.
  But even so, that job wouldnt be able to provide for a new apartment. So we are praying that
the Lord give us some job or help as  we seem to be headed towards being homeless.
   I also have really bad health at present. My kidneys and such are failing on me due in part to my inability to eat at times as we do not have enough all the time.
   I dont know if there is anything you can do. I dont want to just dump this on you. But perhaps you know things that could help. I went to the MediCal place for low income housing but they rejected me. I was going to try and go again. They had said that they couldnt help unless i was already moved out. It was a big mess.
   Im sorry again for putting my life on you
May God bless and enrich you though, for all you do for not only me but for others.


Okay people, I am open to suggestions. How do I help her?

I am telling her to apply for GR (General Relief)  and take in an eviction notice – obviously she and her husband need to work – but finding jobs is super scarce right now.  With the loss of her child, I don’t know if she has MediCal to cove r  price of therapy so I am giving her information about the Los Angeles County Dept of Mental Health. I am going to find out where her skill sets are, invite her to a job fair, point her to employment agencies – and hope. Lots of Hope.

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