Bill 18-1059 DC Homeless Bill sucks

It is snowing and cold and you have nowhere to go. You have lost your I.D. and all you want is a warm place to sleep.

Well, don’t try this in Washington DC if 18-1059 passes. Only those who can prove they were residents before becoming homeless will be allowed into shelters. (so, run back into your burning home to get your Photo ID and a utility bill?!?)

If you have children with you – your family may have to share a room with 18 other families; effectively your kids and you will be sleeping head to toe with strangers – but only if you have ID. So, before you run away with your kids from a Domestic Abuse situation, be sure to take proof of where you lived and a Police Report (although this may violate your civil rights), proof of legal residency (again, a possible civil rights violation), and translator if you need it.


I get it, there are not a lot of services and residents in the area should be the priority among those getting served. Can you think of a better way?

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