Baby Update Nov 4th #fb

DC and I saw the Dr yesterday and the baby is great! Heartbeat is in the 150’s and Baby Bump is 29 Centimeters.

Last night was the first night of counting baby kicks and I was supposed to see how long – in a period of 2 hours  -it took the baby to kick 10 times. Ummm, it took 3 minutes. (even without caffeine).

Still no name, no gender, and no future address for the baby, but we have 3 more months… Jackie does NOT like the nae Darla . I do, it reminds me of The Little rascals and this one uncle of mine who calls everyone Darlin’.

I am still hung up on having a name with the Initials of D, C, or R.

I had a great-grandfather named Charles (it is is gavel I used as Honored Queen in IOJD),

a Grandfather and Uncle name Robert – and the baby will have an Aunt Roberta . .. and seriously – a little kid (boy or girl) named Robbie? I think it is cute – then there is also my FAVORITE name of all time “Bob” – what?! It is fun to say! And, have you ever met a Bob you did not love? See, me neither. Of course, for you Sesame Street fans, it also puts Bert onto the field.

DC’s name is actually Donald Charles – but I have been told by a million people I can not name a baby Donald.

Jax is teasing me,  she says Dra Cula is a DC name, as is Diet Coke

Do you have suggestions?

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