Somedays, I Wish I Was a Drinker. #fb

Just read the e-mail and give me help. Hi,  Im sorry i took so long but we actually met about a month ago. I was the one girl who was gonna be taken off the GAIN program due to my child passing away not to long. My name is xxxxxxx?!  I hope you do remember. IContinue reading “Somedays, I Wish I Was a Drinker. #fb”

Baby Update Nov 4th #fb

DC and I saw the Dr yesterday and the baby is great! Heartbeat is in the 150’s and Baby Bump is 29 Centimeters. Last night was the first night of counting baby kicks and I was supposed to see how long – in a period of 2 hours  -it took the baby to kick 10Continue reading “Baby Update Nov 4th #fb”

Bill 18-1059 DC Homeless Bill sucks

It is snowing and cold and you have nowhere to go. You have lost your I.D. and all you want is a warm place to sleep. Well, don’t try this in Washington DC if 18-1059 passes. Only those who can prove they were residents before becoming homeless will be allowed into shelters. (so, run backContinue reading “Bill 18-1059 DC Homeless Bill sucks”

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