A Cry for Help in Florida #fb

Okay, This child is on the verge of homelessness and needs you.  I have found the most depressing web site in the world – but it exemplifies all that I know about the people who are trying to avoid and survive homelessness. The literacy Skills, Relationship Issues, and overall need are very indicative of what I see as reality with my homeless friends and clients.

I am quoting her post so that someone here can reach out and help her –

Hi my name is Landie im 19 i stay in jupiter fl My dad is threating me and saying how he going to pick up all my stuff and kick me out in the streets it can happen any day and i wont have nowhere to go im scared i got no job no car nothing to fall back on I jst graduated in may 18 of this year my house hold is nothing out of a fairytale movie same problem different day all the cursing name calling have really take a toll on me my dad curse me out so bad that all ive been thinking about is suicide i dont feel love sometimes i wonder why im in the world My dad say by January he going to kick me out my friend told me about this place where u can get your CNA license in two weeks i really really want to go take the class i call the office and they told me it cost 299 forthe class 161 to takethe exam and 35 for background check in total it will be 495.25for everything i would be able to get a job at a hospital or nursing home I need help bad please…. Add me on yahoo messenger LandieLosie@YMail.Com help me!

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