JOB opening for GAIN clients

3 Day filing period start TODAY ♥^bWOsyzi4DtU/2ujmYvEETCD5dsLectyc5yLk2BqElzKwN1CRuD_slp_rhc_AQK5fIqXIr8DiFApZiGHwJC2V_C_R__L_F_ceNmXNpZmnEPsXQANafjbxunHaHAe0E=&jobId=54260&type=search&JobReqLang=143&recordstart=1&JobSiteId=5041&JobSiteInfo=54260_5041&GQId=71

Details are as follows :  Pay is about $12 an hour.

You need 2 years of experience as a custodian.

This position has the responsibility for maintaining clinics, hospitals, and institutional wards in a clean and orderly manner.

Cleans and sanitizes Isolation Rooms, Intensive Care Units, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Surgery Units, Emergency Rooms, bathrooms and laboratory equipment; knowledge of infection control universal precautions; sweeps and mops linoleum, marble, terrazzo, cement and wood floors; cleans and disinfects beds, bedside furniture and equipment upon patient’s discharge; vacuums and shampoos carpeted areas using power-driven cleaning equipment; operates electrical equipment, such as buffers in the stripping, waxing and budding of floors and mix cleaning solutions.

SELECTION REQUIREMENTS:  Currently enrolled in the County of Los Angeles Gain Program* –AND- Option 1: Six (6) months of full-time paid custodial experience within either an acute care hospital**, accredited long term care facility** or skilled nursing facility**; -OR- Option II: One (1) year of full-time paid custodial experience within an ambulatory care facility**, out-patient surgical center**, or hospice care facility**; -OR- Option III: Two (2) years of full-time paid custodial experience within a public, commercial, or institutional facility***;  -OR- Option IV: Completion of the Hospital Maintenance Technician program of 200 hours which includes 100 hours of on-the-job training**** offered through the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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