Got a GED? These LA County Positions are open…

SECURITY ASSISTANT, SHERIFF   CALL FIRE FIGHTER, NC STUDENT WORKER Follow the links and Good Luck. Search for other positions using the County Jobs Database :

JOB opening for GAIN clients

3 Day filing period start TODAY ♥^bWOsyzi4DtU/2ujmYvEETCD5dsLectyc5yLk2BqElzKwN1CRuD_slp_rhc_AQK5fIqXIr8DiFApZiGHwJC2V_C_R__L_F_ceNmXNpZmnEPsXQANafjbxunHaHAe0E=&jobId=54260&type=search&JobReqLang=143&recordstart=1&JobSiteId=5041&JobSiteInfo=54260_5041&GQId=71 Details are as follows :  Pay is about $12 an hour. You need 2 years of experience as a custodian. Position/Program Information This position has the responsibility for maintaining clinics, hospitals, and institutional wards in a clean and orderly manner. Essential Job Functions Cleans and sanitizes Isolation Rooms,Continue reading “JOB opening for GAIN clients”

Adopt a Family for the Holidays

If you want to give to a person, a child, a FAMILY this holiday season instead of (or in addition to) an agency – check out the LA COUNTY DPSS Adopt a Family Program. Here is all the information you need. Adopt-A-Family Program! Bring joy to someone’s life this holiday season and become a sponsorContinue reading “Adopt a Family for the Holidays”

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