Baby Diaper Donations

Babies don’t care about money – they eat, sleep, pee and poo. But Diapers are expensive -so what’s a mom to do?

Some of the comments and emails I have received state that you would “love to help” but don’t know where you can. I can guarantee that there is a low income baby somewhere near you – and really, who better to help out! So Doris and Carolyn – who watch The Bold and the Beautiful, this is inspired for you!

In Pennsylvania : Weis Markets has started Weis Little Ones. Go to the markets and donate diapers, baby wipes and other infant-care products. You can also donate $1, $3, and $5 vouchers that the market will match and use in the Huggies “Every Little Bottom” Program. Other major Weis Little Ones sponsors include Johnson’s, Weis Bear Essentials and Aveno Baby Read more ♥ 

In California: (this is my favorite!) follow them on twitter @helpamotherout . The name is super cool, but what this little non-profit has done in under 2 years will blow you away. Northern and Southern California is served. If you would like to do something like this where you live – contact them.


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