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Wow, Bold and the Beautiful fans are super tech savvy and plugged in! I saw the link back to here from one of the chat board sites and then my stats went out of control. I assume it is all of you visiting here.

Take a minute, tell me what you think and ask questions. I am having a great time reading your threads and conversations. http://boards.soapoperanetwork.com/topic/37729-bb-october-discussion-thread/


Two questions that have come up are:

“How is the show “making history” and “are they treating the subject too lightly“?

Today and tomorrow the show is making history because they are mixing in REAL stories (More real than a “reality show”) in with the story line.  A fictitious character is asking very real people how they became homeless.

Is it too light? Well, no. If the show jumped completely into the theme of homelessness – you would all jump ship. I certainly would and I do this for a living and a hobby.  By giving you a different but accurate introduction to what skid row and the shelters are really like – The Bold and the Beautiful is inviting you to taste test the issue. They will return to the story line over and over again and go through the layers of what homelessness is really about . However, now that your appetite is whetted IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ADDRESSING THE SUBJECT – IT WON’T BE SO FOREIGN TO YOU.

oops, cap lock. sorry about that.

But, seriously, if you want to know more about homelessness and how you can help – no matter where you are – read my blog for ideas or leave me a comment or shoot me an email or twitter. I am happy to be your tour guide – and look for me to join your chat board as Princess12Toes 🙂

Oh, and tell me what you thought of today and tomorrow’s episodes. Please and Thank you!

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11 thoughts on “Welcome Bold and The Beautiful Fans

    1. Volunteers are always needed at non-profit agencies. Many places have a “volunteer co-ordinator” to help you find a way to help out.

      I would call a place near your home and ASK what they need. With the hoilidays coming there will be massive chances to help serve food, but people need foor every day. Collect food for your local service agency or soup kitchen, offer to cook and serve food, give your time to help organize the donations that have been brought in.

      Some of the most popular volunteer led activities I co-ordinated were Book Clubs / Coffee Talk groups in the shelter. If you are an expert in something , come teach it or talk about it. One time someone came from JPL to talk about the MARS Rovers and we had standing room only. Also, cooking classes for the recently housed were popular (okay, anything with food is, really).

      Homeless children need mentors and tutors – and school supplies

      Have your scout troops or classrooms collect tooth brishes, tooth paste, wash cloths, band aid packages, new hair clips and hair bands, etc and donate to a service agency or shelter

  1. We have been working for months around our community trying to help the homeless and find some resolutions to problems they face – such as shelters that are only open in the winter and closed in the summer even though the homeless are still there in the summer. Everyone needs to pitch in and find what they can do to help and then do it! If we all help, we can end the helplessness and homelessness of other citizens of this country! So very glad B&B did their story today!

    1. Thak yiu for your work!

      Year round shelters are a real need, even in California. Right now the problems are 1. How to fund them and their workers, 2. where to have one and 3. finding housing and creating pathways from shelter to permanent housing.

      I would love to see churches open their meeting rooms and motels make a room or two available for shelter beds, and empty buildings opened for shelter spaces.

      What are your suggestions?

  2. I feel bad I do not live closer….on the East Coast…..I would be there every day to help! Best Wishes and God Bless all of you who are helping with this.

    1. There are homeless people in Philidelphia too. I don’t know how “loud” the advocates are there. My friend, Mark Horvath has a site http://www.invisiblepeople.tv with interviews from homeless people all over the United states. For two summers in as row he has traveled around to document the need.

      Local information to you: If you see a homeless person in need of support, please call our Homeless Outreach Hotline at 215-232-1984.

      http://www.projecthome.org/ , http://pceh.org/ , http://www.homelessadvocacyproject.org/ , and for teens http://www.covenanthousepa.org/

  3. You do not have to be in one location rather then another Homeless People are in every Town, City and surburb. Just be willing to help and get out and look around you don’t be quick to critizise the people on the streets and allys they aren’t there by choice. Most of them need a hand up not a hand out. Even a smile helps. And a simple Question What can I do as one person? You will be surprised at how little simply things we take for granted can make a difference to the people with nothing.

  4. This storyline has prompted me to do more than sit around feeling sorry for myself because of my financial situation…Since I couldn’t find a job and got depressed I decided to volunteer.

    It makes me feel good about myself doing something to help others and has done wonders for my self-esteem.

    1. yay! I applauded, and then remembered you can’t see or hear me. Volunteering is a great way to step outside of your situation for a while, as well as network and meet people who can help you without them really knowing that you NEED the help. I was given my first “real” job because I volunteered for them for a year.

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