Bradley Bell “His Mama Raised Him Right”

That is the best thing someone can say about a person. It is especially telling when someone who sees you on a regular basis shares this opinion with strangers. Last week I heard this about Bradley Bell.

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To be honest, this one character reference was the reason I gave a second thought to CBS showing the streets of Skid Row on The Bold and the Beautiful. It made me hope that the perspective shown would be accurate and sincere.

As far as I can tell, his friend is correct. I have Googled, Binged and researched him the best I could and  can not find a bad word printed about him (so either he has a crack legal staff or his character is as stated).  I tend to believe the man has a social conscience and the bravery to let it loose in the world.

Bradley is the son of the creators of The Bold and the Beautiful, William J. and Lee Phillip Bell. Or should I say that the creators of Bradley also made a television series? Either way, Mr Bell is both Bold and Beautiful.

Why are you homeless?  According to an interview with TV Guide, Mr. Bell wrote this question down and kept it at his desk for years until he found the right time and story line to present it. In presenting the answers, he took care to find a variety of people who came to homelessness from several paths. He presented them with dignity and connected with one of the best service providers ; The Union Rescue Mission. When I say connected with the URM, I mean it. He did not just show the outside of the building or mention it in passing. Mr. Bell let his work mingle with that of the Union Rescue Mission and I have heard that The Bold and the Beautiful will be serving Thanksgiving dinner there – most likely unfilmed and without pomp.

For tastefully bringing an unpleasant circumstance, that is becoming a reality for many families, into a fantasy show – and for inspiring praise from those who know him – Bradley Bell is our Hero of the Week.


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9 thoughts on “Bradley Bell “His Mama Raised Him Right”

  1. I have been watching B&B since it started and even won a walk on part back in 2003 which was a great experience. I was very impressed with the way Brad Bell filmed these 2 episodes at the Homeless Shelter… not only did he bring the problems of the homeless into our home, but into his studio where I believe now the actors will be regular volunteers at the Union Rescue Mission….

    Bravo Bill…. good job <3

    Hugs to all of you at B&B Laura H.

  2. I have been a faithful viewer of B/B almost from it’s inception. I have been watching soaps so long that I can usually tell the outcome….Not this time. I cried as I watched reallllllllll people telling their story…….I thanked God and asked a blessing on all homeless. I vowed to do more volunteer @ my church in our food pantry……Thank you Mr. Bell. I am from Chicago and had much respect for your parents especially your mother.

  3. Brad Bell you’re a genius, you have done what no other Soap has done before and we the fans of this wonderful show love and appreciate you for it. I will definitely support the homeless any way I can. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Well his mom is from my hometown Chicago where is is an icon…a news reporter so I followed her journey to his dad and their creations of Y/R and B/B…I remember this storyline with RuthAnne and Stephanie and thought it was a good update. Stephanie made a promise and finally she’s keeping it.

    Kudos to Mr. Bell for integrating this storyline back onto the canvas with the wealth and glamour that is B/B. I think there should be different economic stratas on soaps like there use to be thanks for showing new school a bit of real soap opera is about..Diversity in age, race and the plight of those less fortunate it doesn’t make them less but so much more. I like this storyline; and Brooke/Taylor in it…

    Keep up the good work Mr. Bell; I work with the homeless and this will shed light on the richest country in the world’s hall of shame.

  5. thanks to Mr. Bell’s kindness this may spark others in the film/tv industry to follow his example. 🙂

  6. Just a thought Bill……. You did such a great job on this storyline on the homeless, maybe you can come up with one just as strong on the
    Bullying problem we are having……

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