Study out on Los Angeles’ Safer Cities Initiative

“Recognizing that homelessness is not a crime and addressing its underlying causes” is one of the best approaches to policing areas with high levels of homelessness. – Alex Vitale and Michael White

The study of 8 years of crime statistics says that Los Angeles reduced the crime amongst the homeless and did not simply spread it out so it looked less frequent.  Good job!

In case you are new to the party – that is not always what happens and the residents of skid row are group together as criminals. Savor this statement “homeless people frequently engaging in various forms of crime and disorder” …

What form of ORDER do you think is appropriate for someone who has no bed, no chair, no shower or toilet, no place to store food or clothing and lives among others in the same situation – some with untreated mental health issues and others actively under the influence of drugs and alcohol?

The study, however, went on to say that it was not just the policing that reduced the crime. It was the impact of a variety of social services meeting those same needs I just listed.

So – to be clear, special training by the LAPD made a wonderful change – but it was more effective because of The Midnight Mission, Union Rescue Mission, LAMP, The Weingart Center, LA County Department of Mental Health, DPSS and all the other services provided to residents in the area.


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