Study out on Los Angeles’ Safer Cities Initiative

“Recognizing that homelessness is not a crime and addressing its underlying causes” is one of the best approaches to policing areas with high levels of homelessness. – Alex Vitale and Michael White The study of 8 years of crime statistics says that Los Angeles reduced the crime amongst the homeless and did not simply spread itContinue reading “Study out on Los Angeles’ Safer Cities Initiative”

can you write a paragraph for me

about why (or even IF) you think it is important for women to be educated and self sustaining. I know that I have lots of views on the subject – but I thought I should ask other – smarter- people what they think. I may use the information on my blog, so let me knowContinue reading “can you write a paragraph for me”

School on Wheels @schoolonwheels

Since you are already thinking about candy and children – give an extra thought to school kids. Particularly those who are homeless with parents who may not be able ( due to time or their own education ) to help them with homework and learning. Here, in Los Angeles, we have a wonderful resource and itContinue reading “School on Wheels @schoolonwheels”

Have a Child and on Skid Row?

SKID ROW ASSESSMENT TEAM   Leavey Center   522 South San Pedro St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 486-4995 Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM If you have minor children and want to apply for CalWORKs or are on CalWORKs and need help with shelter, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social ServicesContinue reading “Have a Child and on Skid Row?”

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