Children’s Hobo Costume for Halloween

Are you kidding me? It is being compared to wearing a clown suit for Halloween.

Okay, I get that Halloween is the day to make fun of the things we are afraid of – and so we dress up like them. Ie: The Devil, witches, death, policemen, etc and it is also an opportunity to dress up like heroes and step out of our usual character. So, if you wanted to dress your little one as a homeless person because POVERTY is a fear you have – well… okay, I might understand.

But to make light of it and the people who actually are homeless . . . Wow. Where is your humanity?”Child Lil’ Hobo Bum Halloween Costume for a Funny look that will be a huge hit this year!! A Hobo costume for Halloween will surely make you the life of the party!

  • Includes Black Striped jacket, matching jumpsuit, Top hat, Vinyl Hobo shoes, Yellow Bow Tie and Red handkerchief.
  • Available in children sizes Medium and Large.
  • Brown Stick not included.
  • Every costume sold is 100% BRAND NEW and it comes in its original packaging.
  • Keep the whole family in theme by matching this Hobo costume with our huge variety of funny Clown Adults costumes!”

 or read this description for an adult woman’s costume:

Womens Hobo Honey Costume:  You can panhandle the crowd in style or ride the rails in this Women’s Hobo Honey Costume. This sexy bum outfit …… You’ll find no shortage of gentlemen willing to lend you a helping hand when you wear this comely outfit to your next costume ball or Halloween party…Complete this whimsical costume with a sexy pair of Black Knee-High Boots for Adults.

Maybe I am turning into my mom, but even as a child I was offended when people dressed up as the homeless – or “hobos” or “bums”. the homeless I know would rather be nude than wear this outfit.

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