Pit Boss on Skid Row

Today is the day for me to recognize people on television shows. This afternoon it is Taja on the “The Seventh Dwarf” episode of Pit boss. Taja and her friend were caring for a Pit Bull and Dalmatian which were kept tied to a parking meter on skid row.

Are pets a good idea on Skid Row? Actually, yes. Homelessness can be lonely and dangerous. A  dog is companionship and protection. There is an agency “Downtown Dog Rescue” that exists specifically to assist people living on the streets of LA to spay, neuter, and get shots for their dogs.

“In order for a homeless person to join our rescue, they must agree to allow us to sterlize, vaccinate, microchip and license their dog. We, in turn provide a lifetime of care for the dog, and are committed to that dog’s well being in every way possible.”

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