Meet Linda Harris

Singer, resident of Skid Row, and I saw her on The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS.

I was writing about the show on my Facebook when Darlene Altemeier Dobbs (my friend, a painter, and also resident of skid Row) mentioned to look for Linda.)

This is Jackie and Linda from after The United Way Homewalk in 2008

Statistics show that we tune out when we see a group of people suffering. But, when the issue is brought to a personal level – presented to us as just one person- we get connected and are interested.

Linda told her story in 2006 for a report on supportive housing. It is on page 11

Linda is in an acting group at LAMP Community and is always singing. You can also see her in The Soloist.

Hmmmm… I am tempted to drive over and look for Linda and ask her about the filming she was part of.  What do you think, should I?

If I can find Darlene, I want to ask why she wasn’t in the filming -she painted this:

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