More thoughts on CBS’s Bold and the Beautiful

I think that the boldest thing you can do is emerse yourself in something that is not beautiful and bring it with you into the public stream of consciousness.

For years I have been telling you and showing you the stories of the homeless in LA (hence the name of the blog) – and I have seen change in the collective thoughts of my friends and family.  In the beginning I heard a lot of “You are so brave”, and “That must be so hard”. Now I am hearing about what YOU are doing to alleviate the symptoms of homelessness or to end the problem. I am so proud.  But my reach is limited to the people I know and those I have connected to through Social Media and the internet.

CBS’s Bold and the Beautiful is international. Can you imagine the potential impact of a popular show doing an earnest and in-depth explanation of homelessness? Set your Tivo and VCR’s for next Thursday and Friday – October 28th and 29th and tell me what you think. If you forget to tape it – CBS presents entire episodes on it’s web site.

Homelessness is not beautiful. It is ugly and painful and complicated. Presenting it as part of entertainment is a dangerous line to cross. I am enjoying that the show is not brow beating the viewers with the topic. (Especially since it is a soap opera and not an After School Special or PSA). Instead they are weaving it into the storyline as if it were any other fact of life – because that is just what it is. There is love, family, drama , humor , religion, and spirit in the population of Los Angeles’s homeless citizens and in the lives of those who work in that field.  No two people are the same. Every day is different. While the catch phrase is “only the strong survive” – it should be noted that only the bold are brave enough to try.

I am fascinated by the prospect of a soap opera as a vehicle for social change. From my “research” (okay, Google searches and talking to my friends who are avid fans)  on the show, I have learned that The Bold and the Beautiful visited homelessness in 1991 and the fans still remember and discuss the episodes. Like I said – imagine the reach and impact of this show when something from 9 years ago is still resonating with viewers.

I want to watch the reaction of the audience and try to measure the change in social awerness that very public discussion of poverty can make. You can expect to hear more.

Now maybe a little addicted to reading the chat rooms of its fans – ie: .

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6 thoughts on “More thoughts on CBS’s Bold and the Beautiful

  1. I was so touched the show . I am hoping that in some way it will open the eyes of others ,so thst more can be done . I have been homelesss and know the impact of how just a little can get someone off the street . I dont hsve much but would be honored to give a little of what I have to help others . GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  2. I think B&B is doing a marvelous job bringing this story up front showing the homeless people. No one wants to be homeless. I am praying for all those people. Its sad that a country like America has so many homeless people. We are always going overseas to help others, when we have people in our own backyard so to speak that are being overlooked.

    1. I am so pleased to see this story again on the B&B. I love this show and am in fear the powers that be will find a way to cancel it and the Y&R. We, as fans, who have a roof over our heads, food to eat and can bath, sleep in safety are very lucky people. Thanks for bringing this storyline back. I remember the first time, as I have watched the show from the first day.

  3. Yes, I remember the time Stephanie had a stroke and she forgot who she was. Many kind people helped her out though not at first. She had to become one of them and they eventually helped her find her way home. She did not just “return.” She had a dress up ball and raised money for Adam’s street ministry. I assumed they would keep in touch all these years.
    The actor who played Adam came to Houston and was the father in the musical “Jekyll and Hyde.” It went to Seattle where I saw it again and I have lost track of the actor. It showed that even people with small pentions can end up on the street. Some goood written’!

  4. I agree! I like that with Stephanie they are showing that bad fortune happens to everyone and there is no insurance against ever needing others – and even when we reach out to help each other all the time, we can forget the harsh reality of what NEED really looks like.

    I found a app for my Droid phone that lets me watch all the CBS programs and I am rewatching the episodes right now.

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