Life is a Soap Opera

Love, hate, family, emotional drama, and children who grow up in the blink of an eye: Life or Soap Opera – who can tell the difference?

My expert advice is: you will know you are in a television show when

  • you  no longer buy drain cleaner because restrooms are only used for taking pregnancy tests,
  • your phone number starts with “555”,
  • everyone you know lives in either a hotel or a mansion…
  • oh, and you never go outside.

Art imitates Life . . .

Los Angeles based Bold and the Beautiful is blurring the lines and expanding the scope of the lives reflected in their art.

The show is set in Los Angeles  – mecca that I love .  Actually, I get excited to see anything based in LA because I know the landmarks and laugh when shows suggest that the drive from The Rose Bowl to the Hollywood sign is a mere 5 minutes. Never the less, on film and television LA is made up of tall buildings, beautiful beaches, physically fit people in their 20’s, and museums. What you rarely see is more of a WHO than WHAT.

CBS‘s Bold and the Beautiful has been filming on Skid Row and including poor and homeless people into the story lines and the payroll.

Sometimes when shows do something like this, it is a publicity stunt ;  a move for ratings or to make Emmy nomination worthy episodes and I hope there is a good intent but roll my eyes that the misfortune of others is exploited.  But, I found out about the B&B story from Rev. Andy Bales Twitter feed!/abales . If Rev. Andy says it, then it must be true.

In a word – COOL.

I have enlisted my mom to watch the show and introduce the characters to me, and I am going to be paying very close attention to the VISIBILITY the show is giving the Homeless In L.A.

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