$ Being homeless is expensive. Really.

You may have heard that it costs more to have a person live on the streets than it does to house them. It’s a weird concept and for a moment you feel like someone is pulling your leg  or doing Reaganomics.  I mean, you know how much it costs to be housed. Rent+utilities+gardener+repairmen = a wholeContinue reading “$ Being homeless is expensive. Really.”

Halloween Haunted House – Boo! Not Boo-Hoo!

#fb  Family Service Agency of Burbank will benefit from the Haunted House at 907 N California Street in Burbank Family Service Agency of Burbank is a 501(C)3 organization that was established in 1953 to help strengthen our community’s families by providing low-cost-no-cost professional clinical and psycho-educational services to the families of Burbank and our neighboringContinue reading “Halloween Haunted House – Boo! Not Boo-Hoo!”

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