What is Project Homeless Connect ?

One day a year all the people and agencies that provide housing, food, clothing, shelter, flu shots, basic health care information and referrals to these services are all in one building and you are invited to meet and greet the people who work for every type of service available to you- in your area.

That is Project Homeless Connect.

I am not really the person who should be writing about this since I kind of  invited myself to participate in the Glendale Project Homeless Connect to represent the GAIN program and brought my friend who is my liaison to CCRC (Child care payment provider for low income families) after we walked through it two years ago.

What I can tell you is that is was a thing of beauty. The doors to the Glendale Armory were open to the Low Income and Homeless in the area. Table after table boasted flyers, information, intake forms, and ACCESS TO PROVIDERS who otherwise might be impossible to meet.

This is a nation wide movement and something I wish would happen at least twice a year.

The County of Los Angeles participates in Project Homeless Connect in all regions, but there is no official listing of dates, times and locations. I will keep you updated as much as possible. Today was the Pasadena Project Homeless connect Day led by serveLA, Union Station and Pacific Clinics.

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