Really? Can you HATE Homeless Memorial Day?

I found this article about the Federal recognition of Homeless Memorial Day and it annoyed me.

As an Angry Republican, I see what he means on the service – but even a basic understanding of how a person can become and stay homeless without outside intervention would clue you in that the author is the one with junk science. 

Though out his article he refers to the homeless as “boozers” and drug addicts. If that were the case,  Iwould have walked away a long time ago and let someone else sort out why the substance abuse causes homelessness.

But, Steven Milloy is wrong. When you can’t pay the rent – when you use up all the resoures and kindness of friends and family – when you can’t find a job – when you can not afford groceries – when your car breaks down and there is no bus route to your job . . . you become homeless. It is complex. It is different for every person and family who comes to the situation. Painting them all with the same brush is unfair and will not help you if YOU ever hit the skids.

What do you think?,2933,41706,00.html 

“While it may be too much to ask that taxpayer-funded homeless programs serve only the truly needy, do we have to cheapen “Memorial Day”�the day on which we honor our war dead”

“The billions of dollars that taxpayers already provide for homeless services apparently is insufficient homage by the government.”

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