Are Advocates for the Poor Really Poverty Pimps?

@hardlynormal @wearevisible @urm @epath Is it really possible for advocates to have the best interest of the poor in mind when we go home to beds and they go to shelters and boxes?

Really? Can you HATE Homeless Memorial Day?

I found this article about the Federal recognition of Homeless Memorial Day and it annoyed me. As an Angry Republican, I see what he means on the service – but even a basic understanding of how a person can become and stay homeless without outside intervention would clue you in that the author is theContinue reading “Really? Can you HATE Homeless Memorial Day?”

Wound Care for Homeless Patients

@giveyoursole, @hardlynormal, @hanes Basic Wound care is simple. Keep it clean and dry and don’t touch it until it heals. Great. But what if you don’t have access to showers and toilets or bandages, or someone to help you clean and bandage the wound? What if you are homeless and forced to spend all dayContinue reading “Wound Care for Homeless Patients”

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