Prop 13 – The Parts that Ruined California

#fb What Prop 13 is: At a high point in the housing boom with a housing shortage driving property values up – Prop 13 reassess property tax values from 3% of their current value in 1978 to 1% of their value from before the housing boom. This was great for the poor and elderly onContinue reading “Prop 13 – The Parts that Ruined California”

Homewalk pizza sale

At Mxxxxx in Burbank. Who knew? Pizza is like a drug here;  there was a line at 11:30 am of IHSS County workers waiting for the pizza. I spent about $63 on pizza and soda, but the soda I can keep re-using for the next few weeks.  I used the Domino’s 2 Medium pizza deal coupons, –Continue reading “Homewalk pizza sale”

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