Eat on the street

Today there was a special outreach group giving out food on 6th, which they had blocked off, and some people came by handing out food from their vans and cars, and other places were open to feed the public who signed up with their agency.

But… no trashcans were available for the left overs and papergoods. I saw a lot of beans and rice and chicken on the pavement os San Julian

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One thought on “Eat on the street

  1. This happens continually. I wish somebody would step in as these folks are serving and tell them what they are doing or … pick up the trash and toss it into their van or car if their response is not rational.

    There are people downtown that do things which are thought through with a proven track record. If others want to help it may be a good first step to ask folks at places such as URM, The Midnight Mission and Los Angeles Mission the best way to really help.

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