10-10-10 smell

#fb I used to spray perfume on my wrists and the cuffs of my shirts so when I would go through a smelly are I could look like I was scratching,rubbing my nose and inhaling.
Body spray wears off! Wow.
I had forgotten what urine that is puddled and baking in the sun smells like. You can’t decide to breath through your mouth instead because the fetid heavy stench is paletable and you gag.
Only, you don’t dare disrespect the people who are sitting next to the puddle or the residents of the street
I’m sure it smelled just as foreign and bad to them when they first hit the streets, but where can they go to avoid it. The portable toilets are few and far between, and even the public restrooms aren’t too clean.

public porta-potty

Bonus to not being homeless. You know YOURS is the only tushy to touch the toilet

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