Those with little give to one with less

#fb The Skid Row McDonalds is near the bus station. Someone gave me a restroom token and a Monopoly piece for a "beef sandwich" which I was eating when this woman came in. " I jst need 5 more dollars and then I can get out of this place. I can’t live here anymore. ThisContinue reading “Those with little give to one with less”

Hottest bed ever

I had a friend who lived in this SRO, with no airconditioning and communal bathrooms/showers on each floor. To get cool at night we would turn on the fans, open the windows to the sounds of the street (cars,fights,hookers,porn being filmed in the old church across the street) and wet towels with cold water toContinue reading “Hottest bed ever”

Eat on the street

Today there was a special outreach group giving out food on 6th, which they had blocked off, and some people came by handing out food from their vans and cars, and other places were open to feed the public who signed up with their agency. But… no trashcans were available for the left overs andContinue reading “Eat on the street”

10-10-10 smell

#fb I used to spray perfume on my wrists and the cuffs of my shirts so when I would go through a smelly are I could look like I was scratching,rubbing my nose and inhaling. Body spray wears off! Wow. I had forgotten what urine that is puddled and baking in the sun smells like. YouContinue reading “10-10-10 smell”

10-10-2010 falling

Today I saw two people fall to the ground. Thie first was an old lady bowed under the burden of her belongings and trying to pull them behind her in a cart. The other was a man about 50 who had "just had some dentist". (Read crack cocaine). In both cases people rushed over toContinue reading “10-10-2010 falling”

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