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#fb, Otherwise known as “A word of advice from Sonya’s mother”.  Foodstamps, aka SNAP is carefully calculated to provide enough funds to feed the family or individual they are issued to for an entire month  when other income sources are factored in.

However, Food Banks are seeing a crush of clients come in at the third and fourth week of the month because the money is gone. My own clients tell me that they have trouble making the money last. So – here are my suggestions:

First  – some artwork borrowed in part from the Dept of Agriculture:

Divide your food money by the number of weeks in the month. If you have $200 and 4 weeks then you have a budget of $50 per week. When planning your meals, keep this number in mind. Also remember that a loaf of bread or bag of oranges may last 2 weeks.

DON’T BE SOO RELIEVED TO  HAVE MONEY THAT YOU GO CRAZY IN THE STORE. I remember walking in and feeling so happy that I had enough money to buy ANYTHING I wanted. I know people who buy steak and lobster the first week and then beg the next three weeks. That’s a bad plan!

Purchase FOOD with food stamps – not candy or soda pop.  This money is to keep you alive and healthy, so don’t use it to buy empty calories with no nutritional value.

USE COUPONS. Yes, you are allowed to. This money is being given to YOU, keep as much of it for as long as possible. Don’t feel compelled to give KRAFT Foods $1.85 for a box of Macaroni and Cheese when there is a good coupon for 4 boxes for $1.00.

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