Welfare in casinos?

Sonya Keith (@sonyakeith) has shared a Tweet with you: “sonyakeith: RT @KFINEWS: Governor Schwarzenegger has ordered an end to welfare spending in casinos and on cruise ships. http://bit.ly/9Y1W4Z” ♥♥♥♥♥ I have been telling you – there re NO RULES about how the cash aid has to be spent. Could we please write some guidelines andContinue reading “Welfare in casinos?”

Educate Yourself before you vote

#fb It’s political season and everyone is promising everything – if you would just vote for them … Get to know what the limits and powers of the offices really are so you can watch the commercials and read the pundit’s promises and know when they are blowing smoke at you. WHAT IS A GOVERNORContinue reading “Educate Yourself before you vote”

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