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  • As many children who are living in poverty live in TWO PARENT households as those who live with a Single Parent?
  • California has more impoverished children than any other state in the nation.
  • 1 of every 6 poor children in the USA lives in California
  • the rate of poverty in children is growing faster here than anywhere else in the USA
  • “California alone has accounted for all of the net national increase of 800,000 in the number of children in poverty since the late 1970s.”
  • “Only children whose parents completed college have avoided increases in their poverty rates”

35% of Los Angeles County’s children live in poverty according to the FEDERAL poverty guideline, however living in California is so expensive that researchers say it will take twice the amount of the Poverty Guideline to cover basic living here.

The 2009 Poverty Guidelines for the
48 Contiguous States and the District of Columbia
Persons in family Poverty guideline
1 $10,830
2 14,570
3 18,310
4 22,050
5 25,790
6 29,530
7 33,270
8 37,010
For families with more than 8 persons, add $3,740 for each additional person.

Some of these statistics are 8 years old. I am looking for more recent numbers.

My goal is to change your view of children in poverty so that you don’t only think of single mothers. or children in families where the adults don’t work.  Please note that the report said IMMIGRANT and not ILLEGAL immigrant.

WHAT does it mean to live in poverty?

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