Water in the Waste Land

@urm  #fb“I want that ” my daughter used to tell me. In return I would tell her that “The people in Hell want ice water”. I thought I was being smug until she asked “Well, are you going to give them any?”

If you would like to visit a real version of smoldering heated Hades – go to Skid Row on a day like today. Visit the concrete with waves of heated air dancing like mirages in front of tents or people huddled small and in the corners  – trying to shrink so that the sunlight can’t find them. The putrid stench or urine and feces wafts to blanket the area and men and women who have been without access to showers or articles of personal hygiene bloom aromatically with body odors.

These are people in hell – but they are not without angels.

http://www.watercorps.net/ and http://www.urmblog.org deliver water to the streets of skid row. Donations of money are always welcome – but I suggest you follow the Union Rescue Mission on Twitter and meet at their front desk any day when it is over 85 degrees and experience giving out water for yourself.

It will certainly put a new spin on how much you WANT things in the future.

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