Dreams no child should need to have

#fb A former client who is now trying to get into the @LADreamCenter with @matthewbarnett spent the morning with me.

She brought her 3-year-old daughter. The little girl  had curly brown hair and traces of strawberry juice across her growing smile while she talked to me about living in her car with her mother and 14-year-old brother.

“Mommy can’t find no place. No houses for us!” She was playing in my desk drawer and found a penny. “Look Mommy, I have money! We sleep in beds tonight!”

Yah, the snap you heard was my heart breaking.

The only dream of this little girl is to have a bed to sleep in and her own toys to play with. She chattered at me non-stop like a joyful chipmunk and was all too matter-of-fact about the conditions of her life.

The only way for me to help her is through her mother.  Honestly, I am out of my depth today and overwhelmed by trying to sort through the emotions of a grown woman who sat in my office crying for two hours while her toddler giggled and explored.  Her son knows and feels his homelessness. It is straining his psyche as well as his mother’s.

How do I help end the cycle before it strips this little kid of her joy as well?

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    1. Tara, they just wrote back to me adn they are currently full. Sonce you are on the waiting list, keep calling and checking for a spot. Until then ; call 211 or LAHSA.

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