Dave Matthews Band and Starving Children#fb

DMB performed this song:Seek Up 

“Sit a while with TV’s hungry child,
big belly swelled
Oh, for the price of a coke or a smoke
keep alive those hungry eyes
Take a look at me, what you see in me,
mirror look at me
Face it all, face it all again.” 

I am really sorry that any child, anywhere is hungry. However, I wonder why I have friends who send money to Feed the Children and are surprised when I tell them about the number of homeless students in their own neighborhood and school districts. 

I also think that our schools should publically list the number of homeless children we serve. Is it embarrassing – sure. But a little social embarrassment to our school district and civic government is nothing  compared to the suffering of a starving child and their inability to learn when they are hungry 

I don’t really listen to music that much – it is the curse of playing too many instruments that I am hyper critical of what I listen to. But, my friend Trish  @Agentla loves the DMB so I took a prowl through their lyrics. There are many songs about homelessness, but unless we really listen to the lyrics, we are missing the social message. These (pardon the pun) struck a chord with me.   

Can we do this with American shopping carts and pictures of our students? This is from Feed SA, a charity dedicated to feeding disadvantaged people throughout South Africa


Childhood hunger and poverty is not a situation exclusively reserved for third world countries.

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