Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Gross. Bedbugs happen in four star Hotels and they can happen in Homeless Shelters. they are attracted to warm-blooded creatures such as people and don’t really care if we are messy.

Bed bugs in Homeless shelters are especially difficult to deal with because the population entering and exiting the shelters is always changing. Several shelters are now looking more carefully at the items brought into the shelters, but they are almost impossible to eradicate because they hitch hike on small animals, in clothing, in corners of wooden furnitures and small toys.

If you have bedbugs in your house you can take every cloth item you have and run it through a hot dryer to kill the bugs with the heat while the extermination comes and sprays.

If you are in the street or in a shelter – the shelter may spray for you but there is little you can do.

Fortunately the bed bugs have not shown to carry any diseases.


but still – GROSS!

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