Homeless People Shouldn’t Vote!

“I don’t think homeless people should vote. Frankly. In fact, I have to be very honest. I’m not that excited about women voting, to be honest. … But that’s just me. I’m a pig, and that’s fine. All right? And we’ll see that, I’m sure, on a lame-ass website very soon. But I don’t think hobos ought to vote at all. They’re nuts. And I think that there needs to be a little more care in who votes.” -Chris Baker


I think that the wealthy would be very happy to see   non-landowning citizens banned from the vote. With out a voice they don’t pick the politicians, can’t influence policy, demand public funds or change the focus of society to serve the most needy of us.  This leaves a lot more money for tax breaks for the rich and for large companies.

New Jersey was the first state to specifically give and defend the right to vote to those people who were homeless. As long as they meet age and residency requirements then they met the U.S. Constitution criteria of having a right to vote.

So in short, there is  a legal right for the homeless to vote – even if shock jocks across America don’t agree. They have the right to be wrong.

As it stands, in California  you can vote if you are homeless,you can register your address as “The Lamp Post on the corner of 7th and Stanford, Los Angeles CA 90021” if you need to.  This is based on  Collier v. Menzel, 176 Cal. App. 3d 24, 221 Cal. Rptr. 110 (1985),  where three persons who were homeless listed the local park as their address on a voter registration card. A Judge agreed that they met the residency requirement.

Also, you don’t need a mixed set of chromosomes – us XX girls can vote too – as can the illiterate and other minorities.

Read more ♥♥: http://gbgm-umc.org/umw/legislative/homeless.html-you don’t need a home to vote

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