For Mark Horvath @hardlynormal

Dear Muppets . . . Mark is a Media Animal. Please forgive me for abusing your Character but I can't think of one of these characters without thinking of the other also

I wanted to say that YOU ROCK! Enjoy the bright moment in the spotlight and I hope it always shines on the work that you are doing.

For the rest of you . . . . check out   and  and and follow . @wearevisible . Learn about the experience of being homeless. REad about the good work that is going on out there with FORD Motors and PATH and the news from ALASKA and homeless people around the USA.

If you ever meet him in person you might not get to see his face – he is usually behind his iPhone – either video taping someone or Tweeting about his adventures.  He will ask lots of questions and stare at you until you give him an answer that he deems acceptable – so don’t try to blow him off! He takes changing the world seriously and I think he’s making an impact.

And I know, I should stop with the art of my blog – but I like it – even if it is questionably drawn!

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