Dear United Way: a little help

I am trying to get more information on The Providers Collaborative of the San Fernando Valley however the number listed for Brandon Beckman goes to a voice mail box for home number of someone not speaking English. I called the LA office of the United Way and she said there is no one by the name of “Brandon Beckman” who works for you and that there is no San Fernando Valley Office so the receptionist did not know to whom I should speak.

The information from your web site says:The Providers Collaborative of the San Fernando Valley meets on the second Thursday of each month to share resources and information about issues facing the San Fernando Valley, including homelessness, health, and mental health. The group also discusses opportunities for advocacy around legislation and local issues around homelessness. For more information or to get involved in this work, contact Brandon Beckman”

Ummmmm, a little help?!?!? Please?

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