For Mark Horvath @hardlynormal

I wanted to say that YOU ROCK! Enjoy the bright moment in the spotlight and I hope it always shines on the work that you are doing. For the rest of you . . . . check out   and  and and follow . @wearevisible . Learn about the experience of being homeless. REad aboutContinue reading “For Mark Horvath @hardlynormal”

Dear United Way: a little help

I am trying to get more information on The Providers Collaborative of the San Fernando Valley however the number listed for Brandon Beckman goes to a voice mail box for home number of someone not speaking English. I called the LA office of the United Way and she said there is no one by theContinue reading “Dear United Way: a little help”

Homeless People Shouldn’t Vote!

“I don’t think homeless people should vote. Frankly. In fact, I have to be very honest. I’m not that excited about women voting, to be honest. … But that’s just me. I’m a pig, and that’s fine. All right? And we’ll see that, I’m sure, on a lame-ass website very soon. But I don’t thinkContinue reading “Homeless People Shouldn’t Vote!”

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