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Shocker. NOT! Dear @HiltonOnLine and @tombodett

Last year I followed the Winter Shelter that was held in the Glendale Armory in CA  and stopped in to visit or volunteer a couple of times.

What I learned was that often mothers with young children would ride the bus to the Armory looking for shelter but could not be kept in the Winter Shelter because it is for adults. It is also loud and crowded with chronically and newly homeless adults. It is manned with care and attention – but absolutely no where for a child to sleep.

With homeless families on the rise in the Homeless Population  the hope is that the number of homeless shelters that can accept families would increase accordingly. This is not truth – it is my personal fantasy.

Churches in the area are not opening their doors to families or  over flow homeless guest on even the coldest and wettest of nights. Local hotels and motels have rooms empty due to the economic crisis but are not opening doors either.

HEY HOTEL and MOTEL owners – would you open your doors if you could be paid a portion of your regular fee. $20 is $20. Would you be willing to take a hotel voucher that you can use to bill the County of Los Angeles or a Non Profit Org in order to open rooms for the youngest of children and their parents who find themselves homeless and in urgent need of shelter while they look for family, friends, an actual shelter or jobs so they can return to being housed?

Think about it.

Please. I am talking to you : Hilton ,  Chariot Inn,  Econo Lodge Glendale, Days Inn Glendale Los AngelesSilver Saddle Motel

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9 thoughts on “Your search – homeless hotel vouchers los angeles – did not match any documents.

  1. Nice post. I’m a newly homeless man in Los Angeles and I had a two week experience with motel vouchers, and what an experience it was.

    The first place they sent me was literally the worst room I had ever seen by a longshot. I still can’t believe that rooms exists as I think back to 3 months ago when the manager/owner lead me to the back of his lot to that dump. It was so bad, that even though I slept in the street the night before, I refused to use the shower and I barely slept because I didn’t trust the sheets and the “comforter” wasn’t too santitary looking. Teh manager also wouldn;t let me have a key unless I paid $10 extra a night, so everytiem I left, I had to ask him. I barely stayed there that one day so it wasn’t a hassle, plus this place is near Century and Figueroa, so you don’t necessarily want to hang out. I think the place is called King’s Palace. I’m an atheist, but if there’s a hell tha manager is going there for having the audacty to take taxpayer money and having people stay in that room. Oh yeah, the toilet seat had duct tape on it. I still can’t believe that happened.

    There was no way I was going to stay a second night at that spot, so I went back to the GR office and they got me a room and the Providencia Motel in Burbank. That place wasn’t too bad minus a few roaches I spotted and a huge hole in the bathroom door wall from a punch. I could tell I was in the “voucher room” again as they clearly didn’t put any effort into the upkeep of the room (filthy carpet, drab curtains, etc.), but hey I couldn’t complain. It weas a roof over my head and I was comfortable. The voucher was for $24 a night so they did ok.

    1. How do you get 900.0 in 2 checks you can take to any hotel to use after cashing it at walmart its called homeless something but i dont remember it could be under the ga expidited but you dont have to put up with filth to sleep or rest bc you need both and to function to get a job. ex. a place to shower etc. where can a single woman w/o kids do this in la, ca safely taking the bus/trains wo a car or is pasadena or hawthorn best to apply?

  2. Right now I’m getting kicked out of my house because I can’t afford the rent. I’m only 21 and I’m a college student. I have no one to fall back too and almost no money. How would someone go by receiving hotel vouchers?

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