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I follow @kanter (Beth Kanter) and @mollydotcom. Molls’  recent rant about too few women in tech caught my eye.  I saw this article : COOKIES AND CODE  and thought of her.(Personally my Dad is the Dept. Chief Engineer of JPL and is still a little miffed that 1. I chose Social Work over Cal Tech and Computer Science – and 2. still refuse to do I.T. all the time)

Why am I posting this on a Homeless Blog?

Simple. I have never me a GIRL WHO CODES as a client or homeless citizen.

Education, skill and the ability to navigate and lead in the digital world are Teflon Ninja skills that help pesky things like unemployment and poverty slide right off of you. And, Girls Who Code know how to make the Internet work for them and shape the world through Social Media.

I like to tell you about the Skills Gap in employment – basically everyone is qualified for low paying Entry Level Jobs and the competition is fierce for them . For highly skilled and particularly Tech Jobs where skills must be combined with a certain level of artistry – there are fewer candidates and the pay is ever so much better. (Seriously, I have to give up this Ending Homeless kick and go get a Nerd’s Paycheck!…nah…).

 However we don’t have a lot of Girl Geek Heroes.

Molly Holzschlag and Beth Kanter are two of mine. I try to read everything they publish and even when I just have to “smile and nod” because I am outclassed – I like to watch them on the go.

Of Course today is teleconference.

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One thought on “Girls in Tech

  1. Thanks for your shout out about Cookies and Code.

    I think everyone wants to make something, to build something. Whether it is turning a blank canvas into art, a piece of print into advertising, or a piece of code into a web business. Everyone builds different. To help them do that, exposing them to the different tools and mediums in which they build is important. Not every girl will want to go into technology, but at least understanding what ‘technology is’ will give them more information to make a choice yes or no.


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