Unemployment and How it Connects with Homelessness

Money. It comes three ways. You can inherit it,  steal it or earn it. One way or another, you need it to secure housing.  Even the tents on Skid Row were not free.

More than half of the Unemployed do not have any education beyond a  High School Diploma. Workers who don’t even have a High School Diploma are three times as likely to be unemployed than their counterparts with college educations.

Not all homeless adults are unemployed, they are UNDEREMPLOYED.  Studies estimate that 60% of homeless adults are employed but making less than $200 a month. By Unemployment Statistic standards , these adults have taken jobs and are not counted as Unemployed in the reports.

As more people lose their jobs and burn through their life savings, expect the numbers of homeless adults to be on the rise. Without jobs there will can be no money for rent or mortgage.  

Even if the housing market adjusted and rents in the LA area went form $1,500 a month for a two bedroom apartment to $800 or $500 as in other parts of the country – those underemployed adults earning less than $200 still could not make the rent without using every penny of cash aid they may qualify for.

No jobs = No housing.


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